Company History

AWARD Construction and Logistics company is a multi profile construction organization with specific working experience. Company provides water, sewer, welding works by certified welders, high voltage utility post constructions, gas construction of internal and external communications, Georgia existing power plants rehabilitation and river bank protection works. Main cornerstone of company`s policy is professionalintellectual growth of human resources and corporate responsibility toward society. Our goal is to provide customer long-term, up-to-date construction service.

ISO Certificate

At the beginning of 2014 year, company has received ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate(Civil Construction Works for High and Low Pressure Pipelines),which includes quality management system at mentioned field.

Health, Safety AND Environmental

The company AWARD pays special attention to health, safety, environmental issues, safety of personnel and quality control. HSE takes measures to avoid the risk of accidents and occupational diseases, undertakes to comply with the applicable HSE legislation


AWARD LTD. maintains and acts according to the below mentioned principals in order to eliminate and minimize the damages which may effect on employees, Takes HSE measures in order to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses and environmental risks; Commits to comply with applicable HSE legislation, law, regulations and standards and client HSE requirements; Makes risk analysis to eliminate and minimize potential hazards.


Our company is dealing with activities that requires environmental management plan, which includes: reducing air pollution, cleanup construction area of solid waste, multiple use of waste recovery, as well as vegetation maintenance, restoration, development of environmental management elements. There is always an Environmental Officer at the construction site, which is monitoring thestandard rules for save clean site from waste products.

Quality Control QA/QC

More reason why we need to work together.

We are implementing a QMS, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. Quality control is an integral part of the company. The company`s CQA/QC Plan defines the various management and inspection staff personnel directly responsible for the construction quality control (CQC) activities, as well as construction quality assurance (CQA) activities, including position descriptions, responsibilities, and experience requirements. In addition, this CQA/QC Plan addresses specific quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) testing requirements for each of the various components of the construction works. Company will be responsible for the quality of construction in the finished product and for compliance with the construction documents, drawings, and specifications.

Projects and Partners

In recent years AWARD company has corporate relationship with many major international and local companies. Striking fact is that all of the current and performed projects are fully satisfactory for the customers. The company's most important goal is corporate relations with new partners. The company`s philosophy is based on a vision for the basic principle that each project and partners, despite of the volume of the project, is equally important for us.

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